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Your challenge is to find high-quality education and training
material specifically written for the HME industry.

MED U has released a new compliance course, "HME421: Cultural Diversity & Communication/Language Barriers". Subscribers will find that in the course queue, ready to load into the student enrollment profiles.

If you are not a MED Group Member or a MED U Subscriber, but need CEUs for licensing or certification, go to "Pricing Information" and download the registration form. MED U students must be employer sponsored and the employer must bear all tuition costs.

If you have any questions, let us know by clicking "Email MED U". Contact MED U at: 800.825.5633

Mission Statement: MED Business Services area a part of The MED Group, a national network of home medical equipment providers. The mission of The MED Group is "Connecting Partners - Delivering Results".
In Support of That Mission: MED U and MED Business Services is committed to providing independent Home Medical Equipment (HME) Providers and their staff educational programs and support that meet their needs and provide the highest quality and value. MED U and MED Business Services will meet the criteria set forth by IACET (International Association of Continuing Education and Training) in their ANSI/IACET 1-2013 Standard for Continuing Education and Training in maintaining a high level of educational content.