Employment Screening and Pre-Employment Assessment

The MED Group, has a Business Partner arrangement with companies that can help you with Pre-Employment/Employee Screenings and also Pre-Employment/Employee Assessments.

Pre-Employment/Employee Drug Screening:

AllSource Screening Solutions is the #1 drug screening manufacturer in the nation. AllSource's Drug Detector is a leader in the home drug test industry boasting FREE lab confirmations not only for the drug in dispute, but for 40+ other drugs as well, all included. These tests come in a THC 1 panel, 5 panel, 12 panel, and the "Supreme Screen" coming in a 14 panel.

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Pre-Employment/Employee Assessments:

Since 1992, The McClain Group has provided customized assessment tools designed to help you solve any “people problems” that can rob profitability and reduce efficiency and effectiveness. For years you’ve asked for the BEST in pre-employment assessments. And for years we’ve searched and evaluated and now, we are convinced the McClain Group has it. In partnership with Profiles International they offer the Profile XT , a "total person" assessment, measuring a person on these job-related qualities that make a person productive.

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Pre-Employment/Employee Screenings:

Castle Branch Employment Screening provides employers with the tools to make informed hiring decisions, avoid costly litigation, and enhance productivity. Drug testing services further increase the effectiveness of an employment screening program by isolating applicants with a history of substance abuse. A thorough employment screening program, in combination with our drug testing services, provides employers with the power to attract and retain a safe and efficient workforce.

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