Home Medical Equipment providers are known to have a close working relationship with the nurses and clinicians they call on every day. The MED Group is pleased to announce a relationship with, an on-line continuing education website for your nursing referral sources!

With the LoveYourNurse program, you can direct the nurses you call on to your website, which is where the link to the LoveYourNurse education website is located. This increases your visibility every time a nurse needs continuing education. The LoveYourNurse education is accepted in 49 states for nursing continuing education—sorry, Delaware.

For a small yearly investment, LoveYourNurse will rotate two or more courses every month to give your referral sources an ever-changing variety of fresh topics to choose from. There are options to add more courses and areas as your referral sources grow interest in LoveYourNurse. The bottom line is that this has a better return on your investment than “grab-and-go” lunches as you generate a higher level of referral source loyalty.

Be the first in your area to use LoveYourNurse and experience the benefit of marketing to your referral sources in a unique, valuable way! For more information about LoveYourNurse, log on to and click on the MED Group Logo. Or click here to take you directly to the MED Group Only page.