Med U Mastery Programs

Mastery Programs have been developed to take the time and guesswork out of selecting appropriate courses for MED U students. Inside each Mastery Program is a list of CORE (Continuing Organization Required Education) courses that provide a fundamental education of the HME/DME industry. This is the basis for all of the other content within the Mastery Program. The remainder of the Mastery Program is exactly that, mastery in the foundational skills needed for the staff positions that are the focus of your company.

The MED U Mastery Programs offer in-depth, on-point training for each of the job positions listed below. Each Mastery Program is tailored to your company's focus in rehab, respiratory, or a comprehensive program with both.

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This is a very abreviated list of just some of the Mastery Programs pre-loaded in the MED U system (*All Mastery Programs based on positions have a Rehab focus, Respiratory focus, or include both focuses):

  • MST003 HME Professional*
  • MST006 HME Warehouse Professional*
  • MST009 Customer Service Representative*
  • MST012 Billing/Reimbursement Specialist*
  • MST015 Driver/Delivery Technician*
  • MST018 Repair Technician*
  • MST021 Sales/Marketing Specialist*
  • MST024 HME Management*
  • MST052 HME Operations Professional*
  • MST025 Foundations for Clinical (Rehab)
  • MST026 Foundations for Clinical (Respiratory)
  • MST036 Foundations for Clinical (Respiratory Therapist)
  • MST037 RESNA Pre-ATP Quick Study Eds. 2, 3, & 4
  • AARC101 AARC Approved Recertification Courses
  • ABC106 ABC Approved Recertification Courses
  • BOC106 BOC Approved Recertification Courses

Create your own Custom Mastery Programs with the content YOU determine for YOUR employees!